Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Recipe for Stress Cream Pie

A List Of Ingredients

1 LLLOOONNNNGGG PSAT practice test that sits, waiting, in my backpack-probably laughing at me and twirling its mustache-if practice tests have mustaches

1 finely ground art project that I've barely started, that's due the day after the PSAT

1 PSAT-tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

1 National Merit Scholarship that I'd really like to be qualified for.

2 incomplete homework assignment

assorted fruits such as: haggard, tired, worn out, stretched to the max, and worn thin
any of these will due.

Mis contents in a bowl, stir and preheat to-10000 degrees (that's what it feels like here in Texas)

Cook, add crust and whipped cream, mmm....isn't Sookie's stress tatsy? It goes just perfect with Irritable Lemonade...


mollyominous said...

No one stresses like you do, Sookie. But I must say-your recipe sounds absolutely delish!
Perhaps I should try it sometime...

Sparky the Happy Giraffe said...

Mmm. Sorry. I have a paper to write, a personality test thing that will take multiple pages, etc., etc.... I empathize.

Erin said...

Not fun!

That's another thing on my hate list, lol. STRESS. :P