Sunday, October 1, 2006

October Sterling among other things

Eek! here's just a little tiny bit of chapter two of my latest story :October Sterling.

The Mess Hall was noisy, crowded, and boisterous. The cafeteria was nearly empty because everyone already had their own food. I filled my plate with cereal, hoping that cats ate cereal, and my cup with milk. I found an extra little coffee mug and filled that with milk too. Then I set it and the kitten down on the floor, and dispersed some of the cereal in the milk. I didn’t know much about cats or what they ate. I’d never considered myself a pet person, just like Alex.
I looked around and made sure we were safe while Ruby kept sliding the indignant kitten back to the bowl.
Surprisingly, it never mewed once.
That was a good sign, but I knew that I couldn’t just carry her around all day in my messenger back.
“Do you think there’s anywhere safe we can keep her?” I asked.
“I saw a janitor’s closet on the second floor, but who knows how much it’s used.”
I looked around me. There was nothing I could hide her in, because I doubted that the janitor’s closet was unused.
“Oh well.” I shrugged, and picked her up off the floor after she was done drinking; she hadn’t touched the cereal.
She didn’t even mew when I put her back in my bag, complacent little thing.
“What should we name her?”
“How do you know it’s a her?”
Ruby shrugged, she didn’t understand anymore than I did about how she knew the cat was female.
“How about Fluffy?” She suggested.
“Absolutely NOT,” if this kitten knew what was good for it, it would run for her life before Ruby gave her some horrid name.
“Okay then, how about....Lizzy?”
“I don’t think so.” Lizzy sounded wrong to me.
“Hmm...alright then, Wynn”
“Huh?” the name threw me off. Ruby looked confused about what she’s just said also.
But strange enough “Wynn” seemed to work in my brain. Wynn had potential. Wynn had spunk. Wynn had class. Wynn.....just fitted.
“That’s good, I guess.” I frowned and looked down at my messenger back, where the kitten was stirring only slightly. I pulled her out, a white fluff-ball in a sea of dark blue, and looked into her eyes. What I did next was very uncharacteristic of me.
“You’re name is Wynn, isn’t it?” Had I gone off my rocker? What was I doing speaking to a KITTEN?
What came next surprised me more than anything else in the world-Wynn responded, only slightly, though.
Yes, that’s my name.
I could here her distinctly feline and female voice in my head, she was indeed a she.
But-hold on. I HEARD HER IN MY MIND!!!!!! What was next? Me in a bathrobe, strutting down the hall, and calling myself queen of the pigmies?
What’s even worse-Wynn winked a glittering blue eye at me. Obviously, I was going crazy. Obviously, I was out of my mind.
But my reaction wasn’t to run around screaming, like I felt doing. Instead, I calmly put Wynn back in my messenger bag and walked on to the crowded Mess Hall.


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

I must read it as soon as I have time!

Erin said...

Um, I am just a little ended the first chapter with her walking into a cafe or restaurant, and now who is Ruby?

Oh and BTW - I loooove your new profile pic!

Sookie said...

Oh, sorry, you see-I have the full first chapter posted up on my website, this was just part of the second chapter, which has not been posted yet.

And isn't that picture so awesome?
It's amazing what you can find on google :)

Erin said...

Oh, okay, I'll go to your website!