Monday, October 9, 2006


Since I can't really think of anything better to do (the only thing to really do right now is homework, and I want to avoid it like the black plague), I've decided, for nostalgia's sake, to post a bit of an old story I once wrote up here.
I've had some really enticing ideas for a new story, and sometimes seeing old work helps me think through just exactly what I put into my stories. So here it is.
This summer I wrote this very....shall we say-far fetched(?), story. And let's just say that after seven chapters through this thing, I'd had it with the whiny character I put as the heroine. I realized she was too much like me :) . And also, the story just was not working out....

Blue Princess
Chapter 1: Totally Blue
4:30 pm Thursday

Seriously, I'm telling you, it was all her fault. If I hadn't allowed Cherry to pick out the color in the beauty supply store (a VERY dangerous place for Cherry, be afraid, be VERY afraid), this never would have happened. I just wanted my dark brown hair to be a little lighter. You know, like sun kissed brunette (at least I though that was what Cherry was picking out). But nothing could have prepared me for the horror when Cherry took the towel off my brand spankin' new Electric Blue #4 hair. I let out a scream that even a true Hollywood horror movie actress would have coveted.
"Jeez, 'Tina, I thought you would like it."
The only thing I could do was ask, "Why?"
"I don't know, I thought it would be cool, you know, like a statement against your name. So that you could show the world that your not some romantic sap. Because, frankly, with your name, most people think that. And I thought you hated your name so much that-"
I cut her off. "Not that much!!!"
Cherry now resembled a scolded puppy.
"Now I'll be even more of a freak! How could you, Cherry? I hate unnaturally colored hair! Oh, Lord, what will I say to my mom?"
"I'm sorry; I just thought you'd like it..."
"Like it! Only a lunatic would like it!"
In my rage I forgot that Cherry had just died her hair red. Cherry red.
"I guess I'm a lunatic then! For being your friend!!!"
She stormed out of my house, slamming the door behind her. This is really bad, because it needs new hinges. We (my parents and my sister and I) live in an old house in Austin, Texas. It was bad enough being Valentina and living in Texas. Now I have blue hair, am named Valentina, and live in Texas, and one of my best friends is mad at me!!!!! Gosh, dress me up in a tie-dyed shirt and frayed jeans and send me packing to the Sixth Street (which is sort of labeled as the weirdo, hippy freak street of Austin; Dallas has the worst crime, San Antonio the worst traffic, Houston the worst weather, and Austin the most freaks, it's a universally known fact).
My mom is going to be furious. Especially since she put the first down payment on my car (a used Ford Focus) and has been cranky ever since. I have to keep reminding her that I NEED that car. It is my only link to normalcy. Oh what am I going to do?
Yikes! The front door was creaking! What will I say?
Oh, it was just my little sister, Medusa …I can just hear those snakes hissing. I escaped to my room just in time to avoid her, and I shut the door, which has “keep out” signs plastered all over it. Not that anyone respects those signs. But I might as well try. I plopped on the bed, covered with my sky blue comforter that was a Christmas present from my mom who bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It has real down in it, you know those fluffy little feathers that feel so good… Ooh, two new e-mails. One was my SAT question of the day. The other was from my other best friend, Brit. I opened the one from Brit first. That’s her full first name. Brit Freemen. It’s not short for anything like Britney. It’s just Brit. We with weird names have to stick together.

Time: 4:46pm
Subject: She’s driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Tina,
We’re sorry to inform you that your friend, Brit Freemen. Has gone literally insane due to her twin Cora’s constant nagging about not playing a certain CD that reminds her of her ex-boyfriend Jordan. You know what Tina, BIG DEAL!!!!! At least she HAS an ex-boyfriend!!!! And who thinks about their boyfriend when they hear Shania Twain anyway? She’s just saying that because she knows it’s my favorite CD!!!!!!!! Please adopt me! I could sleep in Meat Ball’s room. You could seriously just put a cot in there and I would be fine! You’re SO lucky that that you’re older than Amy by more than three minutes!!
Love from your new sister,
Ps. Please, please adopt me!!! I beg of you! Or shoot me. ‘Cause either way would be fine with me.
Pps. But I think you (and I) would enjoy adoption more.

Time: 5:34 pm
Subject: : Hair Trouble…..
First of all, don’t give me all this about how you’re life sucks because you haven’t had your hair died blue by one of your best friends and happen to offend and lose that friend all in one day.
Secondly, you are allergic to cats. Therefore, you cannot have Meat Ball’s room.
Thirdly, you’d miss Cora too much. But I do agree with you about the Shania Twain thing. But how’s this, why don’t you sneak into Cora’s room at night and dye her hair blue. Cora would never speak, or nag to you again!!!!!
Please, knock some sense into Cherry. And tell her I don’t think she’s a lunatic for dyeing her hair blood red. It goes with her skin tone.
Please give me some ideas of what to say to my mom when she gets home!
Your Blue Haired, Problematic Friend,

I hoped that Brit would come up with some ideas soon. Because any minute my mom could arrive. And what’s even worse- The SAT question stumped me, and I got the wrong answer.
ACK!!!! The door was opening. I pulled on a hat quicker than you can say “Blue Freak”. Thankfully, it was just Amy. Great. Just great. “What do you want?” I threw her a hostile glance just for her benefit. “What’s with the hat?” Was all she asked. “What do you want?” I tried to make it sound firm and Terminator-like. I think Arnold would be proud.
“Jeez, could you like, at least like, try to be normal?”
“What do you want?!!”
“Nothing! Dad just wanted me to tell you that mom called to say she’d be late and that we need to order a pizza. He says that it’s your turn to pick the toppings and you better hurry or he’ll order Canadian bacon again.”
YYYEEESSS!!!!! At least one thing in my life didn’t go wrong today! I was smiling when I told Amy that I wanted to order pineapple pizza with the cheesy crust. “Gawd, such a dork!” I just smiled. Amy rolled her eyes and shut the door. Yes! If I had to die tonight, due to my mom’s thrashing, at least it would be with the satisfaction that Amy didn’t get what she wanted for ONE night in her life.
It was my cat, Meat Ball, safely hidden from Amy in my trundle bed’s sheets.
I held on to her tight and rubbed her ears which made her purr. This might be the last time I get to hear my precious cat purr!!!
Oh, Lord, what will happen tonight?


Erin said...

Well, to be honest, I didn't like the swearing. But I am intruiged by the there more? What happens next?

Sookie said...

Ahem, yes there is more.
And just to tell you-one of the reasons I didn't ever finish this is becuase I really wasn't so happy with the swearing, either. I think I really was going through some sort of phase (or at least my character was)....and the thought of going back through it all and editing out the swearing made me exasperared, so I started writing something else. Just to condense it down for you-She meets this Irish guy who actually turns out to be a prince...yeah. The rest of the story is kind of way too cliche...