Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Monologue

Today was the second meeting of my school's drama club (called TAPPS by many people; TAPPS is a competition we participate in) and we went to find monologues today at the computer lab.
We went here to look at/ order monologues and duet peices. I was surprised by the titles-my favorite being "I Hate Pigeons." (ha ha-PIGEONS! snicker, inside joke). There was also a peice called "The Cheerleader and the Goth". This is one of those peices where the actress has to portray two different personalities that are totally different from one another.
Sad ones like "Ashes" and "I Once Knew a Boy" were more my style.
I think I always play a sad person better than a happy or mild-annoyed person.
I suggest that anyone who gets a kick out of super-strange monologues or peices preview this one-"Fairytales and Lies". sounds like a good one, eh? Ha ha, I totally recommend reading that one. Anyway, still working on my little "Creepy Cinderella" project.


Erin said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! I wish I was part of a drama club.... So which one did you end up getting?

Sookie said...

I haven't gotten one yet, I've got to meet with the teacher and read some so that she can help me decide which one I should pick. Can't wait, though! I haven't been in any sort of Drama club for months.