Thursday, October 5, 2006

Katrina's Tag

Read Callappider days to find out about this tag. Okay, here goes.

The first thing I think of when I hear the word warning is how in movies, whenever the lab/high tech building is about to explode, there's these flashing lights and a voice that says "Malfunction" or "Warning". Yeah. It's been a long day....

When I see or hear the word belt, I always think of my friend, Kat, who used to wear this clear plastic belt that was totally considered fashionable back in the day. Oh, how I always wanted one of those belts....

Delivery sort of makes me think of the part in The Little Princess (the movie) when the very large cook falls in love with the milkman delivery guy.

Okay, I tag....everyone who reads this.
According to the tag you must put what you first think when you see these words:

My words last night were really terrible. I was really tired; so here are a few that might be an improvement.

*revised words*



Pinecone (for example, when anyone mentions pinecones these days, I think about my failure to draw a pinecone in art class, it looked like a pile of socks and I got in trouble for naming it that :) )


Erin said...

I would post this on my blog, but for some stupid reason I couldn't think of anything for "Bohemian"....brain fog? lol Plus my other answers aren't very interesting...

I think of death. After death, actually. When we will live for eternity in heaven!

I think of a task to fulfill, like when you owe someone something.

Sookie said...

No Sweat, I'm thinking of changing my words because they are very....what's the word? Interesting, in a bad way. I was really tired last night.