Saturday, September 23, 2006

Megara Sterling

I was just wondering what you thought about this name. I'm writing a new short story, and I think this would be a great name for the main character.
If you don't like it....any ideas?

Here's the meaning of Megara Sterling

Megara: meaning-Grudge or a room with white walls (I know, that's so weird about the second meaning, I found it on some random baby names site) Origin-Greek (remember "Megara" from the Disney movie Hercules)

Sterling: meaning-a type of silver, origin-I have no idea, but I really like the last name Sterling.
Maybe soon, I'll post some of her story up here or on my site.
Anyway, goodnight :)


Erin said...

I like Megara a lot but Sterling not so much....however I don't know much about your character/story so I can't really tell for sure. :)

BTW that is a lovely pic - where did you get it?

Sookie said...
I tried to make it my profile picture but it wouldn't let me.
How do you like the name October Sterling instead?
I'm still not sure about the name...

Erin said...

October Sterling is better. In fact, I rather like it. ;)

Sookie said...

Thanks! I like it too!