Thursday, September 28, 2006


iViva Flamenco! i Viva Merengue!

Yay for Spanish class!!

Today, of all days-my Spanish teacher decided it was time for us to iBailamos! (dance).

It was really fun, especially the Flamenco part (I LOVE Flamenco). The only dance I REALLY had trouble with was merengue (imagine Shakira's shaking hips-yeah that's merengue). But the salsa was fun, too.

Before we started dancing a guy who I know asked me if I'd be his partner (I nervously hiccuped a yes-prepared for the worst). So there was some awkward romance there. But it ended up that we didn't even need partners. I was bit dissapointed. And a bit happy not to have to apologize to him whenever I stepped on his feet, like I had to with the guy who was next to me in the line.

But anyway-EVERYONE should experience some form of Latin or Spanish dance once in their lives. It totally does boost self-confidence and it's totally fun!



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Erin said...

I have never done any Spainish dancing but it sounds like a blast!