Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Book Wish List

Hi everyone....
back from the evil and horrible physics homework.
Just thought I'd post this so that I don't forget.

*Fairest-Gail Carson Levine
*The Riddle-Alison Croggon
*I Capture the Castle (I forgot the author's name once again)
*Keeper of the Earth-Jenna Solitaire
*The Third Book in the Gemma series (whenever it comes out) by Libba Bray
*Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, okay, so it doesn't come out for another year at am I supposed to wait?
*Queen of Babble-Meg Cabot
*Safe House-Meg Cabot
*The Light Bearer's Daughter-OR Melling
There's more, but I certainly can't remember it. If you have the name of that author, please comment or send me a message pigeon or SOMETHING so I won't forget the next time I visit the library

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