Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Recipe For a Magical Evening

A list of ingredients:

1 faerie godmother
1 magical, glittering dress (preferably in the colors light blue or white)
1 pair of glittering, glass slippers
3 quartz of glitter
1 Prince Charming
1 magical slow dance
2 tubes of lip gloss for touch-ups
a group of lively friends
1 angry stepmother
2 baffled stepsisters
1 marriage proposal
and to top it all off- fun latin dancing with everyone right before the carriage arrives!!!!! iBailamos!

All ingrediants for this recipe can be found at your local Fairy-Tale retailor

ps. This recipe is based on my homecoming dance last night.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


iViva Flamenco! i Viva Merengue!

Yay for Spanish class!!

Today, of all days-my Spanish teacher decided it was time for us to iBailamos! (dance).

It was really fun, especially the Flamenco part (I LOVE Flamenco). The only dance I REALLY had trouble with was merengue (imagine Shakira's shaking hips-yeah that's merengue). But the salsa was fun, too.

Before we started dancing a guy who I know asked me if I'd be his partner (I nervously hiccuped a yes-prepared for the worst). So there was some awkward romance there. But it ended up that we didn't even need partners. I was bit dissapointed. And a bit happy not to have to apologize to him whenever I stepped on his feet, like I had to with the guy who was next to me in the line.

But anyway-EVERYONE should experience some form of Latin or Spanish dance once in their lives. It totally does boost self-confidence and it's totally fun!



Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera-
Sookie's Favorite Quotes and Scenes

The Phantom: Wandering child so lost, so helpless. Yearning for my guidance. Christine: Angel or Father? Friend of Phantom? Who is there starting? ThePhantom: Have you forgotten your Angel?
Christine: Angel oh speak, what endless longings? Echo in this whisper. The Phantom: Too long you've waunder in winter. Far from my fathering gaze. Christine: Wildly my mind beats against you...
The Phantom: You resist...
Christine : /Yet,but/ /your,the/ soul obeys... The Phantom,
Christine : Angel of Music /you,I/ denied /me,you/. Turning from true beauty! Angel of Music /do not shun me,my protector/ come to me/ strange angel!
The Phantom: I am your Angel of Music... Come to me Angel of Music.

Christine: My God, who is this man who hunts to kill? I can't escape from him, I never will!

Christine: Who was that shape in the shadows? Whose is that face in the mask? [touches his face and rips of mask]
The Phantom: [covers face] Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little lying Delilah! You little *viper*! Now you cannot ever be free! Damn you! Curse you!
The Phantom: [changes mood from angry to sad] Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bear to look, or dare to think of me?... This lonesome gargoyle who burns in hell but secretly yearns for heaven secretly, secretly but Christine... fear can turn to love you'll learn to see to find the man behind the monstor this... repulsive carcass that seems a beast but secretly dreams of beauty secretly, secretly... [crying]
The Phantom: Oh, Christine.
The Phantom: [Christine hands him the mask]

Raoul: No more talk of darkness. Forget these wide-eyed fears, I'm here. Nothing can harm you. My words will warm and calm you. Let me be your freedom. Let daylight dry your tears. I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you.

Christine: Say you love me every waking moment. Turn my head with talk of summertime. Say you need me with you now and always. Promise me that all you say is true. That's all I ask of you.

Christine: This haunted face holds no horror for me now. It's in your soul that the true distortion lies.

Christine Daaé: Twisted every way, what answer can I give?/Am I to risk my life to win the chance to live?/Can I betray the man who once inspired my voice?/Do I become his prey?/Do I have any choice?/He kills without a thought/He murders all that's good/I know I can't refuse/And yet, I wish I could/Oh god, if I agree, what horrors wait for me/In this, the Phantom's opera...

The Phantom: Seal my fate tonight. I hate to have to cut the fun short, but the joke's wearing thin. Let the audience in. Let my opera begin!

Crowd: Masquerade! Every face a different shade. Masquerade. Look around, there's another mask behind you!

The Phantom: Take her, forget me, forget all of this. Leave me alone, forget all you've seen. Go now, don't let them find you. Take the boat, swear to me never to tell. The secrets you know, of the Angel in Hell. [shouts]

The Phantom: Go now! Go now and leave me.

Christine Daaé: [sung] In sleep, he sang to me. In dreams, he came. That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. And do I dream again? For now I find the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind.

Minnie Driver (sung at the end credits) : Child of the wilderness Born into emptiness Learn to be lonely Learn to find your way in darkness Who will be there for you, comfort and care for you? Learn to be lonely Learn to be your one companion Never dreamed out in the world There are arms to hold you You've always known Your heart was on its own So laugh in your loneliness Child of the wilderness Learn to be lonely Learn how to love life that is lived alone Learn to be lonely life can be lived life can be loved Alone.

A Very Tiny Sneak Preview :)

so this is only a tiny tiny bit of what I've got so far. And what I have is not much. I know you can't tell very much from just this, but I really need an opinion on it.
Okay, so here's a few paragraphs from the very beginning of October.

I really wished that I wasn’t there, I wished it so much that I squeezed my eyes shut, praying and hoping that when I opened them, I wouldn’t be at a train station....a zillion miles away from my home.
But it was no use, I could smell and hear that I was still at the train station the whole time my eyes were closed. One eye opened, and then the other. I sighed and looked to my messenger bag for a distraction.
But I couldn’t find one.
Including most of my home comforts, all of my books had been taken away by Alex (my dad).
He was punishing me, so to speak, for quitting on high school and trying to run away. The whole month’s events flashed suddenly behind my eyes. I could see him-sitting in his office, disappointed. And at the police station, he was also disappointed. He had probably been angry beyond all words, but he had that look on his face that said “I am disappointed in you and utterly un-proud”, instead.
I tried again and again to explain why I hated my school-it was boring, and the people were snobs, and I hated it.
He had just shaken his head. I also tried to explain why I’d run away-but before I even spoke the first word, Alex just gave me this look.
“I’m sending you to boarding school.” Those had been his first words, spoken coldly and firmly, without interest, without hate. It was out of pure animosity of the idea of boarding school that sent me kicking and screaming in his home office, in our house. A house which I wouldn’t be living in any more.
“Please” I begged and cried after I knew screaming wasn’t going to help me stay home.
“Please I’m scared...” Boarding schools, to me at least, were the most frightening things on earth.
But Alex merely shook his head, “No,” he said. I begged more, and then he just put a hand on my shoulder which made me go all at once as silent and still as a stone.

He said nothing more, only he showed me a brochure for a boarding school, in Northern England, called Darkwood Academy.
My tears had instantly stopped as I saw the name-something about it was familiar, yet unfamiliar, like Déjà vu. I looked up at him, wanting to know why he was shipping me off to England, but the look on his face had silenced me for the next five days before I would leave for England. He didn’t say anything at the airport, either, he just gave me a present, wrapped in silver paper.
And that present still remained unwrapped in my messenger back. Its whole contents were a bottle of water, my sweater, the present, and a camera that the housekeeper, Mrs. Neil had packed. She was old, very near-sighted and deaf. Alex just kept her around because he was being nice, nice to every one but me, anyway.
Now, after a flight and a cab ride to Victoria Station and then a train, I just wanted to be rid of all the horrible flash-backs and the ever-present doom of the future. I was gloomy, half starving, and about ready to open the present when I’d arrived at this train station.
I looked at my watch. Twelve noon. My train didn’t arrive for another forty-five minutes or so. I decided to get up and walk around instead of staying on that gloomy, depressing empty platform.
I hate trains, I thought to myself, and presents, and boarding schools, and...Alex.
I walked off the platform, messenger bag slung over my shoulder, in search of the nearest restaurant. I’d never been to England before, and had heard the food was gross (and I’m purely American so haggis didn’t exactly sound appetizing to me if you know what I mean), but I was so starving that I was willing to eat anything...even cold haggis.
It was a small town that I was at, and food was easily found-in the shape of a little diner-looking place where the people seemed pretty happy with what they were eating off their white-china plates. My stomach rumbled. I bet I even would’ve eaten a china plate.
As soon as I walked in the door, everyone stared at me. I stared down at the floor. This is why I preferred books to people. Books were kind, generous, and unassuming. And people just stared.
I sat at the nearest table, eyes on my green sneakers, wishing I’d have worn less conspicuous and American-looking shoes. For clothes I’d picked my usual ensemble-one that I always hoped would help me blend in and remained unnoticed-a light blue t-shirt with very washed-out jeans. But it was no use; I’d never blend in anywhere. My hair was too red-and by red I mean bright orange (the kind that always looks dyed, but on me is natural). My face was blotchy and turned pink when I was angry or mad or embarrassed, and when I was calm it was a color so white you’d think it was blue. I was small, thank God, so at least I had a little more of a chance at blending in. But somehow, this never seemed to help-it seemed like I was always noticed, and then scoffed at.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Official

My new character's name is officially October Sterling. SSSOOO many people have said they loved that name. Don't ask me why. And now that it's October Sterling I have SO many more ideas for the story-so the name works. And now it's just stuck in my head. It won't change again.
But anyway just to give you some vague idea of what the story is-it's a short story in diary form. I'm a bit scared about that because I've never really written in that form except when I make up little stories for my eight year old cousin to read. And this is a full-on project that is due for English. Yikes!!
Hopefully I'll find time to post some of it up here on my blog.
For right now, I just need to write.
Spooky Sookie

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

"I was born singing. Most babies cry. I sang an aria."

This is the first book I've finished on the Fall into reading challenge booklist.
Let me tell you-I loved it!
I've loved everyone of Gail Carson Levine's books (except Writing Magic-the one book I'd REALLY love to read right now), and this one was no exception.
In fact, although Ella Enchanted will always be my favorite, this one was excellant-because it was like reading a song. And you don't know how good that is to a person who is an audio learner, or whatever, unless you ARE one of those people.
Aza's voice is strong throughout the whole story. And always very even-and of course always on key!
The story is great-I won't go into detail, you can go and read the Barnes and Noble reviews for that.
The only dissapointing thing is Aza's romantic interest-Prince Ijori. Not that there's anything wrong with Prince Ijori, it's just that the connection between them wasn't as strong as Addie's and Rhys connection, or Ella's and Char's. Of course, the main point of the book was not her love, it was centered around her self discoveries and adventures. So that may be why the connection is not so strong.
Even with that I was extremely pleased and I hope Gail Carson Levine writes more fabulous books!!!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Megara Sterling

I was just wondering what you thought about this name. I'm writing a new short story, and I think this would be a great name for the main character.
If you don't like it....any ideas?

Here's the meaning of Megara Sterling

Megara: meaning-Grudge or a room with white walls (I know, that's so weird about the second meaning, I found it on some random baby names site) Origin-Greek (remember "Megara" from the Disney movie Hercules)

Sterling: meaning-a type of silver, origin-I have no idea, but I really like the last name Sterling.
Maybe soon, I'll post some of her story up here or on my site.
Anyway, goodnight :)

Fall Into Reading Book List

Thank you miss Erin-I wouldn't have learned about this without your blog.

Okay, here goes:

Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr

Pirates! by Celia Reese

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter-Carson McCullers

Blood Red Horse by KM Grant

Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire

Valiant by Holly Black

Mansfield Park-Jane Austen

The Red Tent-Anita Diamant

The Harry Potter series (hopefully through the fourth book, at least)

Fairest-Gail Carson Levine

Ever After-Wendy Loggia

Any recommendations to make my list longer?
I'd certainly appreciate them.

What I'm Reading At This Moment

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling

Last night my friend brought me the first Harry Potter book to read (I'd been reading the second because the library didn't have the first), and so even though I was almost done reading Chamber of Secrets, I decided to read this one first before I finish the second.
Strange order, isn't it?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Fairy Quote

"Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,For I would ride with you upon the wind,Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,And dance upon the mountains like a flame.~William Butler Yeats,"
'The Land of Heart's Desire,' 1894

Crashing a Bash

Hello there,
Just getting ready for a party at Scenic Loop Cafe (if you do not live in San Antonio, you might not know where this is).
I was sick today (barometic pressure-I don't adapt well with the weather this early in Fall, usually it's only until late October when that "under the weather" feeling lifts), so I got to skip school (somewhat-I went for the first four classes). And that was fun (as fun as sleeping can be), but I didn't get to go to Barnes and Noble (my favorite booksellers) like I thought I would. And now I'm forced to wait until tomorrow to get Fairest. Urrg....such an awful feeling-waiting to buy a book you really want.
But no worries,
I still am reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (my favorite characters so far besides the obvious three are Gilderoy Lockhart and Dobby). But tonight I won't get a chance to read it-cuz I'll be partying (sort of).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Must TakeThis Quiz!!!

You Are a Pegasus

You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.
You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.
While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.
People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.

Your Eyes Should Be Green

Your eyes reflect: Striking attractiveness and danger

What's hidden behind your eyes: A vivid inner world

My eyes are actually blue, but whatev...

Five (fiction) Books I That I could not live on a deserted island without

1. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine-this is the book that started it all. Before I read Ella Enchanted, I hated reading. But thanks to Gail Carson Levine-I probably wouldn't have made the same grades in sixth grade English without her book. Oh, interesting fact-after reading this book, I've had this addiction to Cinderella stories

2. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer- I LOVE this book. It's the sequel to Twilight and it's my favorite so far in the Twilight series. The only problem with New Moon is that the next book-Eclipse didn't come attached to it.
How am I ever going to wait for Eclipse???? I'd like the publishers to answer that!!

3. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
If you haven't read this book already-you MUST!!!!!!!

4. Jane Eyre
I relate to this girl SSOOO much! Except for the whole "in love with your employer" thing.

5. A diary or notebook-how else would I write my stories? On Wilson Soccer Balls?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Book Wish List

Hi everyone....
back from the evil and horrible physics homework.
Just thought I'd post this so that I don't forget.

*Fairest-Gail Carson Levine
*The Riddle-Alison Croggon
*I Capture the Castle (I forgot the author's name once again)
*Keeper of the Earth-Jenna Solitaire
*The Third Book in the Gemma series (whenever it comes out) by Libba Bray
*Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, okay, so it doesn't come out for another year at am I supposed to wait?
*Queen of Babble-Meg Cabot
*Safe House-Meg Cabot
*The Light Bearer's Daughter-OR Melling
There's more, but I certainly can't remember it. If you have the name of that author, please comment or send me a message pigeon or SOMETHING so I won't forget the next time I visit the library

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

"A river has its secrets
Far under folds of water
Deeper than the buried dark
Where all is slick and softer..."
-Shannon Hale River Secrets

Wow-isn't that such a cool poem? Well, okay, there's even more than just that one segment. And all you have to do to see the rest of it (and Razo's story) is pay a low low price for an invalueble book.
Okay, so by now you know I like it. Okay, more than like it.

Shannon Hale is an amazing author (Goose Girl, Enna Burning, Princess Academy) and I have all of her other books (I've read them about a thousand times too; especially the Goose Girl, what is it about that girl, anyway? I guess I just relate to her character a lot). Her way with words is exactly like the magic in the books-she has the true gift of story-speech (okay so there's no such thing as that in any of the Bayern books, but it's true, she does have it). And in this particular book she weaves another story about the magic of element speaking-except this time, the hero does not have that sort of talent. Oh he has talents alright-he just doesn't know what they are. And when Talone picks him out of Bayern's Own to escort the Ambassador, Lady Megina, to the post-war country of Tira, Razo is stunned. But he soon finds more than he expected....including his own gifts and many other surprises as well.
What I love about this book so much is the language-it's beautiful. When you're reading it, it feels just like you are one of the beloved characters also, hoping and waiting for a happy ending....or at least some good food.
I rcomend this book to everyone, even those who are past the YA reading level. It really is a treat to read.
Bye now,

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Uglies, Pretties, And Specials by Scott Westerfield

The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield

Uglies is about a certain Tally Youngblood who lives in a dystopic, futuristic world that is supposed to be us in the future, after we have almost ruined the earth with our oil and tree cutting. This is a purely secular book. But even as a Christian I liked it....The story was good, the futuristic terms (ie. Rusties, Smokies, and Crumblies) are very creative, and the futuristic toys (hoverboards, hovercars, and my personal favorite- Bungee Jackets) are really fun. And this is possibly the one and only series I can recomend from Scott Westerfield (if you ever see Peeps at a bookstore, just go ahead and walk on). The reason why I'm recommending this book when it is clear that God has no part in this author's books, is because it brings up some important issues that we Christians should always try to look at and if possibly improve. The main thing with Uglies is how everyone gets turned into a "Pretty" when they turn sixteen. This is a very image obsessed society-so obsessed that they call each other ugly beforehand, and they call each other only by their nicknames which have to do with some undesirable trait they have (like how Tally is called "squint").
This book really reminded me of some of the friends I have who call themselves ugly or fat or stupid and waste their time with over-obsessive excercise routines.
And also this whole thing with plastic surgery-God created everyone of us uniquely, why would we want to change ourselves just to fit the criteria that the world says we have to fit in order to be beautiful...or even adequate?
Alright, I won't bore you all night with this sort of on to the story.

Uglies-Tally Youngblood is an Ugly, eagerly awaited to be turned into a Pretty so that she can join her best friend Peris in New Pretty Town. But while she's waiting, she meets a new friend-Shay who talks about a group of rebels that live outside of the city, and who don't want to have the operation to become pretty.
Tally is at first disgusted, but then after an impromptu meeting with "Special Circumstances", Tally must turn in her friend Shay, who's gone to live with those rebels, called the Smoke,
or she'll never be pretty.
Desparate-Tally goes and finds the Smoke...but she also finds...well, she also finds David. Who changes her mind about turning the Smokies in. Accidently, she does turn them in, and then after some serious decisions, turns Shay and herself in to become Pretty.
Pretties- Tally is now a pretty, and well, I have to go now, but I will tell you this-Pretties was my favorite of the three because...oh really I don't know why, but it just is. And also, Specials is a good book, just basically a continuation of Pretties. I would really love to be one of those Specials...hey-infared vision WOULD be handy now and again.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Photo

This Blog....

Is for my book reviews, I know earlier I said that it would only be for pictures and videos. Wrong.
Anyway, all new reviews will be here, instead of my website (I only have two right now-A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer).
See ya tomorrow at school :)